May 27

The Dawn isn’t The Night

A picture is truly worth a thousand words

I was looking at the picture above, today. Reminiscing about my trip to Matheran, a few years back. Different times can reveal different things. At a time such as this in my life, where my brain is confused for a plethora of reasons, this picture has been rather enlightening to me.

If you mistake the dawn for the night, you’ll never see the morning

When I took the picture, I thought that I’ll take it as a remembrance that my true self has no face, it is like a blank canvas and you can paint whatever you want on it

There are no limits. There are no limits to what you can do, what you can do, what you can achieve, where you can go. No limits. You have been given the choice to choose how you want to paint yourself and what colors you want to use.

So move on. Don’t remain in the same place. Don’t remain stagnant. Move to different places. Because the sun is behind you supporting you now, very soon it will not and the night will come, the picture you see now you will not see in the night.

So move on, move on to a better place, when the sun goes down in one place don’t stay there, move to the next place where the sun is rising.

But most importantly, Recognize the difference between the night and the dawn. Pay close attention, if you mistake the dawn for the night, you’ll never see the morning

This is my attempt at poetry. Hope you like it!

The Dawn isn’t the Night

The dawn is breaking, 
it looks dark, 
there's no light, 
looks like it's the night.

The night is darkness,
there is uncertainty,
there is fear, there is gloom

But don't you fear traveller,
you're a sojourner, not a dweller
The night cannot stay,
it must pass, it must make way
for the coming morning,
the coming day

This race is simple,
but isn't easy,
Pick your backpack,
don't you stay here,
here is dirt and here is fear

Run as fast as you can,
run back to the Father,
through the dark of the forest,
and the dangers thereof

Close your eyes, sleep in His arms,
He'll guard you with his hands,
He'll walk you through the steps,
to win this race

When you wake up you'll see,
that the darkness of the night,
has been replaced with the glittering,
the shining, the glorious, the beautiful light

Just one thing traveller,
get one thing right,
that don't you mistake the dawn for the night,
don't you ever mistake the dawn for the night

- Danyl Fernandes